Whole Food Suppliment vs Nutaceutical

A Whole Food Suppliment is a nutraceutical but a nutraceutical is not necessarily from whole foods, natural, organic, or good for you or your pet.

The term nutraceutical was first used in 1990. Simply put a nutraceutical is often a synthetic vitamin that has been added to “fortify”, often to complete an incomplete highly processed food.

What are whole food supplements? Simply put, they are supplements made from whole foods. A whole food is any food from and harvested in nature, without refinement. An orange is an example of a whole food. It is grown and picked from a tree and contains all the things we need for good health – naturally – occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Unique proprietary manufacturing processes are able to concentrate these nutrients without altering or losing any of the natural nutrients full of natures nutrient complexity.