Radiant Health again

Radiant health is the idea of Health Beyond Danger. That is, when the entire body is in strong balance and when something attempts to throw the body out of balance, the resilient individual maintains their balance – Radiant Health. Physical, mental, emotional, all in balance.

There are an endless amount of things that can be thrown at us that have potential to throw us out of balance. From the genetics that came with our package which one day decides to ‘change things’, sometimes out of the blue for no apparent reason – one day you wake up with lupus. But something triggered it. Being predisposed does not mean it must happen. If the body has been prepared it may be prevented. It can be defended. Naturally. Another day you are on a hike and this time it’s the tick that is carrying the Lyme disease bacteria. Why is one person bedridden for years while another had the flu for a week even though they were bitten by ticks carrying identical bacteria. One day methane gas starts spewing out in levels that haven’t been seen before and you live 5 miles away. How do you detox from that to maintain your – health beyond danger. Whose personal terrain is weak and whose personal terrain is strong. Some will be resilient and maintain radiant health and others will be ill on many different levels with many different presentations. From asthma to excema, IBD to depression.

Different holistic approaches recognize these challenges and when used seperately or together; all are considering one goal. Strengthen, support, renew, regenerate, achieve resilient homeostasis. Radiant Health. Health beyond danger.

Whole Food Suppliment vs Nutaceutical

A Whole Food Suppliment is a nutraceutical but a nutraceutical is not necessarily from whole foods, natural, organic, or good for you or your pet.

The term nutraceutical was first used in 1990. Simply put a nutraceutical is often a synthetic vitamin that has been added to “fortify”, often to complete an incomplete highly processed food.

What are whole food supplements? Simply put, they are supplements made from whole foods. A whole food is any food from and harvested in nature, without refinement. An orange is an example of a whole food. It is grown and picked from a tree and contains all the things we need for good health – naturally – occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Unique proprietary manufacturing processes are able to concentrate these nutrients without altering or losing any of the natural nutrients full of natures nutrient complexity.

After Detox and Drainage – Regeneration

Regeneration is defined as the natural renewal of a cell, tissue, or organ. Life consists of anabolic and catabolic processes. In catabolic processes, cells are destroyed; in anabolic, they are created anew.

Cells are constantly dying in order to keep us alive. The stomach creates a new lining every 5 days. Skin replaces itself every thirty days. Every three months we have a new skeleton. The red blood cells have a life span of 120 days, and then must be replaced. Each of the different tissues of the body has its own natural life cycle.

It is the aim of Regeneration Therapy to stimulate the process of self renewal.

There are various approaches to Regeneration. Homeopathic, glandulars, Herbal, and nutraceuticals, as well as whole food therapy.

One form of homeopathy known as Clinical Bioenergetics describes it this way.

The process of drainage and detox will reduce toxicity in the body, but the organ function may remain weak and susceptible to future physical, emotional, and nutritional stressors. RegenRx remedies are intended to address this issue, for their main purpose is to strengthen the energetically weak organs. This approach is ideally suited to the point in time known as the Plateau Stage.

Homeopathic approach works on the subtle energies that imprints the proper wave energy of true tissue or organ function, while the other approaches add the physical fuel that these organs need.

Flint, Michigan – and many more

The disaster for the people of Flint, Michigan is the extraordinary catastrophic case. But with a crumbling and deteriorating infrastructure the public in general and at large are being damaged by a constant, chronic, long term intoxification of many more things than lead.

Although an infrastructure renovation is necessary, just understanding the estimate of 1 billion dollars for the demolition and rebuilding of the water system for Flint makes it painfully obvious that if one little town has to use those type of resources it’s clear that there are severe limitations in our financial ability to make these projects large scale.

Therefore we have run full circle in the understanding that we are really responsible for our own health. But you have to know how to combat this broad spectrum insult on our individual health.

Join us at Malibu Holistic Healthcare

Find your quality of Life

That’s where we come in. Our job is to help you🍎☯. The first thing to do is a review of the overall health situation with a consultation and what needs to be addressed. After that it is setting a goal and formulating a program with proven techniques to set up easy routines and time saving techniques and sound advice for combining the best of herbs, homeopathics, and nutraceuticals. From the first level, basically a membership, to obtain discounts and rewards points to our 3rd level which includes a full concierge access.

On the other hand no membership is necessary for stopping by and picking up the highest quality herbal immune boosters or natural energizers, to homeopathic protocols for the most serious health problems people or pets encounter. There is something to help every situation to achieve the highest quality of life possible. Pre planned protocols for some of the most common problems are available. In depth explanations and client education along with exceptional service including special order, hard to get holistic products will be available.

Malibu Holistic Healthcare; helping you, helping your pet – naturally.


“Truth is something which must be known with the mind, accepted with the heart, and enacted in life”

The principle of yin and yang is the fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is an all embracing idea that can be used to describe virtually all natural occurrences.

It could be said that all Chinese medical physiology, pathology, and treatment, can eventually, be reduced to Yin-Yang. Therefore, so can the concept of preventative health be reduced to Yin-Yang. The concept of Yin/Yang is extremely simple, yet very profound.

In general Western logic is based on the opposition of contraries. The Chinese concept is a system of thought that Yin and Yang represent opposite but complimentary qualities. Or as represented in the Yin/Yang symbol. There is the seed of Yang in Yin and vice versa.

Remember the goal

“Determination, Knowledge, Discipline”

Start with the goal – Radiant Health – what we all want. Decide you will reach that goal. Grasp the understanding of what it takes to get you there. And then create your routine that makes you comfortable. Always remember that the journey is to achieve Radiant Health – health beyond danger. It considers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. The ancient wisdom of the Chinese tonic herbs along with good nutrition may be all you need once clear of negative influences of exotoxins and endotoxins.

After that there is a real possibility to work on the genetic weaknesses that we carry. Transformation is the next level.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs. A book by Ron Teeguarden. In Traditional Chinese medicine the term “jing” would be the view of genetics.

Isn’t That Funny

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

To quote Dr. Edward Bach, developer of the form of medicine that bears his name – Bach Flowers:

“The main reason for the failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not the causes.

Dr. Bach died in 1936. We wouldn’t think much of his “modern medicine”. No antibiotics, no sophisticated diagnostics, xrays and minimal blood work was all that was available. But all these years later the approach is the same in “modern medical science” for the most part. And in fact modern pharma calls their new meds “biologicals”, like Humera. Isn’t that funny, as mentioned in an earlier post, (Homotoxicology post) the term biological medicine used in Europe as the holistic approach is on the complete opposite spectrum of what pharma does and how they see “biologicals”. And the list of warnings and side effects for pharma biologicals is mind boggling and frightening.

We do have the sophisticated diagnostics like MRI’s and an endless amount of blood tests and so forth. However, it’s still after the fact. The patient is ill and in general it’s either suppress it or kill it when we come up with “a diagnosis”. For example. Lymphocytic/plasmacytic colitis is not a diagnosis. It’s a pathological description and does not in the least begin to tell us why it is happening. However, there are plenty of phamaceuticals that they throw at the symptoms. Giving some relief but suppressing the bodies bio energy even more.

Vaccines are all that is considered preventative from conventional medicines point of view. That’s a whole other story, and it has nothing to do with autism. And that’s for another time.

So with the mindset generally being the same as during Dr. Bach’s ‘modern medicine’, people often have to take care of their preventative health for themselves, their families and their pets.

It’s actually very empowering.