Isn’t That Funny

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

To quote Dr. Edward Bach, developer of the form of medicine that bears his name – Bach Flowers:

“The main reason for the failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not the causes.

Dr. Bach died in 1936. We wouldn’t think much of his “modern medicine”. No antibiotics, no sophisticated diagnostics, xrays and minimal blood work was all that was available. But all these years later the approach is the same in “modern medical science” for the most part. And in fact modern pharma calls their new meds “biologicals”, like Humera. Isn’t that funny, as mentioned in an earlier post, (Homotoxicology post) the term biological medicine used in Europe as the holistic approach is on the complete opposite spectrum of what pharma does and how they see “biologicals”. And the list of warnings and side effects for pharma biologicals is mind boggling and frightening.

We do have the sophisticated diagnostics like MRI’s and an endless amount of blood tests and so forth. However, it’s still after the fact. The patient is ill and in general it’s either suppress it or kill it when we come up with “a diagnosis”. For example. Lymphocytic/plasmacytic colitis is not a diagnosis. It’s a pathological description and does not in the least begin to tell us why it is happening. However, there are plenty of phamaceuticals that they throw at the symptoms. Giving some relief but suppressing the bodies bio energy even more.

Vaccines are all that is considered preventative from conventional medicines point of view. That’s a whole other story, and it has nothing to do with autism. And that’s for another time.

So with the mindset generally being the same as during Dr. Bach’s ‘modern medicine’, people often have to take care of their preventative health for themselves, their families and their pets.

It’s actually very empowering.