“We met Dr. Bittan after our 9 year old golden retriever, Rolfe, was diagnosed with an inoperable nasal tumor. Dr. Bittan is not like your ordinary vet nor is his office. The outer office is an upscale apothecary and his examining room is like a comfortable living room. You sit in leather chairs while your dog makes himself at home on the rug next to the coffee table. On our first visit, Dr. Bittan reviewed all of Rolfe’s records from his previous vets. He then recommended a protocol of Chinese herbs he’d had success with in the past for treating other dogs with Rolfe’s condition. Dr. Bittan had a very successful veterinary practice for years before incorporating his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine into it. So, you’re getting the best Holistic care backed by the knowledge of what Western medicine has to offer.

Being a vet is not a 9 to 5 job for Dr. Bittan, it’s more of a calling. During a visit, I’ll ask him a question and he’ll say, ‘I’ve been thinking about Rolfe and have done some research. I think we should try this treatment.’ He really cares.

Rolfe’s doing great now, beating the grim prognosis the vets trained in Western medicine gave him. He looks better than he has in years. Dr. Bittan’s treatment even cured the chronic colitis Rolfe’s had since he was a puppy. My only regret about Dr. Bittan is that we didn’t find him sooner! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his assistant Limor and newest addition, Amanda. They make a great team!”

-Susan and Peter B.

“About two years ago, Maxx had 2 seizures and we went to a few neurologist specialists and they could not figure out what caused Maxx’s seizures. Those specialists recommended steroid/high dose of Keppra but I refused that treatment as Maxx has never had any seizures in his whole life and there must be underlying cause that triggered the seizure. Also, I did some research and found how steroids works and I would not want Maxx to try it at all. He is a senior dog and he’s been with me his whole life so I always want to give the best for Maxx. We finally decided to choose holistic alternative treatment after exhausting all conventional options. So, after looking for holistic vets, we found Dr Bittan and thought that we ought to give “holistic alternative” a try.

During the first office visit, I can tell that Dr Bittan’s method is different from the conventional vets I have ever seen. He is attentive and he has vast knowledge of herbs and natural remedies. He is a “walking encyclopedia”. He found out the cause of Maxx’s seizure and he prescribed combination herbs. Until today, Maxx is still consuming those herbs and he is as healthy as ever. Maxx is back to his “regular” active mood and as fury parents, I can’t be any happier. We still bring Maxx everywhere and travel together.

Currently, we have regular chiropractic sessions on a regular basis to relax his muscles and joints with Dr Bittan. Dr Bittan is the only vet that Maxx is comfortable with, and Maxx never shivers as he normally does with other vets.

At 19.5 years old, I keep wishing that Maxx will not have to depend on any medicines or procedures that will make him uncomfortable. Dr. Bittan has been taking care of Maxx for almost 2 years now for chiropractic session and his well-being. I would only trust Dr Bittan for Maxx’s wellness and will continue to do so.”

-Lenny S.

“Dr. Bittan has been treating my dog Toby, a German Shepard, for some serious issues for the past 5 years. Toby has a long history of medical problems. In 2011, Toby was diagnosed with a severe case of discoid lupis around the eyelids and face. My vet wanted to put him on steroids for the rest of his life, which would have shortened his lifespan. That was the only treatment they could give. I refused to go that route. I did some research online and came across Dr. Bittan’s website. I set up a consultation with him and he came up with a treatment called isotherapy that he was very sure would cure lupus. My regular vet was very skeptical and did not think it would work. Dr. Bittan asked that she take a sample of the diseased tissue and some blood and he made some viles from the tissue and blood. Within 6 months Toby’s discoid Lupus was cured. When my vet saw that the skin around Toby’s eyes and face was healed, she didn’t say very much, but the expression on her face was priceless.

In April 2015, an ultrasound showed that Toby had a distended gallbladder with mucocele and a thickened wall. I was told by the specialist that an emergency surgery was needed to remove the gallbladder or it would burst and he would die. They said I only had a few days to decide because his gallbladder could burst at any time. The chances of him surviving this surgery was slim, because he had already had two within a year, and never fully recovered from the second one, so a third surgery was not an option. Again, I went to Dr. Bittan. He immediately put Toby on numerous herbs. The most recent ultrasound, which was done in December 2016, showed a normal gallbladder. It was no longer distended and the wall was no longer thickened. It did show that there was still some sludge, so Dr. Bittan said to put him on the herbs again and that is what I have been doing.

Approximately, three years ago he also treated my other dog with acupuncture for severe spinal problems. She was in tremendous pain and unable to walk. After 5 sessions, she was back to normal and is still doing well in that area.

Dr. Bittan is one of the best holistic vets in California, if not the best. The city of Malibu is very fortunate to have him. Dr. Bittan is very confident and makes you feel hopeful during very stressful times.

I have learned to rely so much on Dr. Bittan, what when he told me he was leaving L.A., I have to say, it was very depressing.”

-Darlene R.

“I have known Dr. Marc Bittan for over 15 years. In that time, as Executive Director of an animal protection organization, I have taken literally hundreds of cats and dogs to him. As a rescuer, I need a vet who can diagnose quickly and correctly. Not only does Dr. Bittan excel in both these areas, but his ability to heal is astounding. I have personally witnessed Dr. Bittan help animals who other vets said were hopeless. He has saved the lives of so many animals and because of him, they are now healthy and happy in loving homes. There are no words to express our admiration and appreciation.”


“I’ve known Marc for about twenty years, and he’s treated my dogs and cats. I’ve not only found him to be a excellent Holistic Veterinarian, but also a great diagnostician and a friend to my animals. He cares a great deal, and uses his Medical background, as well as his invaluable common sense. Marc embodies the best qualities you could imagine for someone practicing his trade.”

-Aleks H.

“Our dog Snowball is over 20 years old — the oldest Bichon Frise in the world! Dr. Marc Bittan has been instrumental in making this happen.

Snowball has been a patient of Dr. Bittan’s for more than 10 years. We’ve nicknamed Dr. Bittan “The Dog Whisperer.” He has a unique way with animals and our dog is fortunate to be under his care.

With Snowball’s many veterinary issues over his long and loving life, Dr. B always knows the right thing to do medically – whether it be acupuncture, supplements, homeopathic medicines, chiropractic manipulation, etc. Snowball’s long and happy life is a prime example of the great care Dr. Bittan provides his patients.

Thank you Dr Bittan!”

-Debra and Dr. James B.

“I’m a huge fan of Dr. Bittan. My Maltese, Hazel was unable to walk due to a degenerative back disorder, through acupuncture and tinctures, Dr Bittan has her walking and out of pain. And on another note, he was able to cure an allergic outbreak that I had. I like his integrated approach to veterinary medicine.”

-Tracey B.

“I am so grateful to have found Dr. Bittan. After many years of shuffling through the top traditional veterinary clinics in Los Angeles, being given endless prescription medication while my dogs health declined, I was desperate for a change. There is no other vet in the area like Dr. Bittan. He focuses on the whole body health, both physical and emotional of each animal rather than constantly only treating the symptoms. Since under the care of Dr Bittan my Frenchie’s have been off prescription medications and are happier and healthier than ever.”

-Cassie S.

“Over the many years of having dogs in our family I have never been happy about traditional medicines and treatment. Since dogs cannot always tell you how they are feeling you have to go with what is in front of you. I did stop giving them injections, as I believe in a holistic approach. About 5-6 years ago our 110 pound German Shepherd injured his knee. After x-rays and observation, his doctor told us the only hope for recovery was surgery. This surgery meant breaking his knee, resetting it and a good 6-10 months of recovery. I was distraught. Just days before the planned surgery I found Dr. Marc Bittan. He took us right in, spent a long time with Solo and discussed a holistic approach. If it did not work, then we could do the surgery as planned. Within a few weeks on intensive acupuncture treatment, anti-inflammatory treatments, and easy walks, Solo began to show immediate signs of recovery. By the end of two months, he was walking without a limp and clearly not is any pain. Fantastic. To this day, we have never looked back. He continues to see Dr. Bittan for maintenance, but at nearly 12 years old he acts and runs like a 6 year old.

In the summer of 2015 I moved my daughter to college. I was gone about 5 weeks, which was the longest being away from the dogs. Solo especially was sad and missed me. About a week before I returned he appeared to have kidney failure. My husband took him to be treated with traditional medicine, which gave him other side effects, though controlled the urination issue he was having. As soon as I returned I brought him to Dr. Bittan. With some Chinese remedies, change in diet and lots of love, he was back to normal within a week and off the traditional medicine. I keep him on a kidney supplement, which is completely natural and he has had no recurrence.”

-Sharon B.

“When I came to see Dr. Bittan, I had already taken my 3 year old yellow lab to 3 other veterinarians, because she was exhibiting strange behavior. Our otherwise sassy, full of energy, typical lab was hiding under tables and in dark corners in our bedroom not interacting with us, or our other dog.

We’d had blood work and x-rays done and everyone kept telling us I had a healthy female lab and she probably was depressed or upset. I knew that wasn’t it (she lives a better life than most people!) I reached out to Dr. Bittan and when I brought her in he actually spent an hour with us, watching Maggie, interacting with her and seeing how she behaved. He was the only one who had the foresight to refer us to a neurologist and unfortunately, our worst fear was true, our otherwise healthy 3 year old Lab had a brain tumor. We were devastated.

When I reached out to Dr. Bittan to thank him for the referral so that we finally had an answer, I told him that they said it was an inoperable tumor and we just wanted to make her comfortable. Dr. Bittan was so wonderful and completely understood and listened to everything we were told and offered a protocol that had worked on a similar case in another dog like our Maggie.

I am so grateful and happy to report that Maggie is back to her old spunky ways and is our girl again! We do currently have her on her daily protocol and she’s thriving! We adore Dr. Bittan, not only for saving our Lab, but for being so educated on both eastern and western medicine and using all that knowledge and patience to make his patients and their owners believers! He’s the best of the best!”

-Trish S.