Suppression vs Expression of Symptoms

“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year”

For any therapy to be curative, it must not suppress the symptoms of the disease. Symptoms are the body’s way of conveying the message that something needs to be corrected. They represented the body’s reaction to the underlying disturbance.

Far more important than eliminating symptoms is discovering why the body has been unable to effectively defend itself against foreign invaders. What underlying factors may be creating suseptibility? It could be energetic, electromagnetic, or geographic stress from the environment, or mental/emotional tensions and anxieties, etc.

The role of psychological stress in function(and malfunction) of the immune system is becoming increasingly well documented. When the underlying cause of a disease is mental, all therapies which do not address this cause will ultimately be suppressive or only partially effective. This applies to all types of illness. If those factors which are interfering with health and creating susceptibility are not removed, the therapy will only be symptomatic. Such relief tends to be temporary, as an underlying cause remains in place. Flower essence combinations, Bach flowers, homeopathics, European and Chinese herbs can address the psychoenergetic blockages and disease-forming beliefs which can be the underlying causes.

When multiple disorders have been treated suppressively, they tend to accumulate, and the body will eventually manifest disturbances on the constitutional level. These in turn can be transferred and inherited by that person’s children as miasms: suppressed toxic information and interferences that were passed from parents which may create constitutional disturbances in our own lifetime, or our children’s. Thus it is vitally important that we avoid suppressive therapies and strive to discover and treat the underlying causes of illness.


Expressive therapy is when the body successfully expresses and removes the underlying disturbances. This may be accomplished by detoxification: removing external toxins, stimulating the body’s own neutralizing and cleansing processes to eliminate the interferences, and addressing underlying susceptibility factors.

The toxins in the cells, tissues, and organs are gently released homeopathically from where they have become stored over time, while the elimination channels of the kidneys, liver, and the intestines are stimulated to neutralize and remove from the body. When combined with therapies which address mental/emotional issues, the contributing causes can be expressed and removed for deeper, longer-lasting results.