Mental and Emotional Toxins

“The function of fear is to warn us of danger, not to make us afraid to face it”.

“‘Anger’ is just one letter short of danger”.

Recent evidence has shown that the mind of a person is capable of promoting changes in electromagnetic frequency and polarity in various parts of the body. Tests with bio energetic response methods have proven that negative thoughts and emotions can act as toxic frequencies capable of interfering with the natural bio energetic performance of the person. It can then be understood why the mind can induce degeneration or autoimmune reactions and other serious diseases. In the majority of patients, the influence of the mind may in fact be the true cause of susceptibility and toxicity in the body. (Find research by Candace Pert – NIH)

The relationship between mental thought patterns, electromagnetic frequencies, and organ and cell function is becoming increasingly clear. In some cases, a patient’s negative mind-set can undermine any therapy the practitioner employs. In such circumstances, the best practitioner can hope to achieve is to reduce the physical toxic load that has already built up, and recommend that the patient exercise mental cleansing of disease-forming thoughts and beliefs or seek professional help and counseling. If these patients fail to heal mentally and emotionally in their hearts, it will not be long before they return again to a condition of serious physical toxicity and disease. In this context, the correlation between the mind and body is very strong, as a person who cannot forgive and let go of angers or hurts will also have difficulty letting go of toxins.

Flower essences are derivatives of the subtle nature of flowers. This part of the plant, according to the Doctrines of Signatures (a Naturopathic doctrine) addresses symptoms related to the mental/emotional aspects of one’s being. Each flower essence relates to a certain nature of our consciousness. Flower essences work on a more subtle level than homeopathic remedies, which act more directly on the physical symptoms of disease. Many people report an immediate subtle shift in their outlook, as well as a long-term response.

The effects of flower essences were first discovered in 1934 by an English physician and homeopath, Edward Bach. Since then, hundreds of new essences with properties similar to the original 38 Bach flowers have been discovered. Flower essences are highly effective and safe to use. The effects of flower essences include changes in attitude, renewed motivation, enhanced personal growth, and improved expression. However, they cannot substitute for a true change of heart and attitude, which occurs by personal choice and belief.