Membership and Concierge Services

Why Offer Membership Options?

If you believe that health is more than just the absence of illness then you know taking care of your health or your pets health is an ongoing process. Our goal is to provide a healthy routine that becomes second nature, or like being on automatic pilot. For example, a healthy run at 6 a.m. every morning; it’s just something you get up and do.

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You know the things that you want to work on and need to work on, so you work on them. Whether it’s exercise, athletics, supplements or meditation, these are areas for enjoyment and self improvement and better health. Each person incorporates which of these feels right for themselves while understanding that there is room for improvement by adding others. That’s why people often use a coach: someone not only experienced in a particular area but is a mentor as well. We are here to help coach you. We offer more than simply telling our patients to ‘just swallow a handful of natural supplements each day.’ We are here to tell you and help you really understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ we are recommending a particular supplement.

Since optimum health (radiant health) is an on going process we offer a number of membership and concierge service options that will take the healthcare of your pet and turn it into a new and easy routine.

Dr. Bittan D.V.M. will guide you and your pets.

Membership Options

We offer membership options from monthly to yearly plans. All our membership patients receive a discount on all supplements, access to member only specials, as well as other benefits.

Concierge services takes health to another level basically having a natural health quarterback so you can stop bringing  your dog or cat in for those recurring conditions such as chronic ear infections, skin infections, asthma attacks, or diarrhea. Our goal is to end those ongoing chronic problems and begin to have robust and radiant health for your pet.

Our membership plans work with you. These plans are specifically designed to help your pet gain ultimate health. For example, some membership plans include house calls, phone, text, and after hours consultations while others include unlimited acupuncture, laser and chiropractic treatments.

Retainer fees for the membership will be determined by services desired.  Family memberships available for multi pet households.

For People and Pets

Dr. Bittan is a veterinarian and therefore cannot diagnose medical conditions for humans.  Our office carries natural holistic remedies that are available without a prescription.  And the supplements available at our office are the foundation of Dr. Bittan’s 25 years of success in his holistic veterinary practice with the endless number of maladies that are common both to people and pets.  Inflammatory Bowel Disease, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, anxiety, heart disease, kidney disease on and on.  Most of these conditions listed either have dangerous and damaging results with conventional treatment.  Like endless Prednisone or Flagyl  or Cyclosporine (Atopica for your dog) for example.  Or conditions that are just managed with variable results at best no matter what pharmaceutical (Apoquel for your dog) is offered.  There are many people that would like to talk to someone regarding their health with the confidence that they know that the person making recommendations actually knows what they are taking about.

When Dr. Bittan picks a protocol for a German Shepard with Inflammatory Bowel Disease he’s using supplements made for humans for IBD.  If someone wants to take a journey using health producing supplements having a monthly sit down while setting individual goals and moving in a direction of radiant health a concierge membership is something to consider.

Let’s Make a Plan

Dr. Bittan will schedule a free 30 minute discussion for people who want to map out a concierge program for either themselves or their pets.  These are not consultations for any particular illness but as someone brings up health concerns Dr. Bittan will make recommendations about how his services can best be used and figure what level of service is needed or necessary according to the goals desired.

Because of time constraints there will be 2 slots available each day.