There’s No Placebo Effect in Animals

Whether it is a pharmaceutical or a homeopathic when we administer it to a dog, cat or horse we are sure to get the true response; there is no placebo effect in animals. So while treating animals with detox regimens for more than twenty years the beneficial effects are clear from a physical and emotional level. The outward appearance of a better hair coat, brighter eyes, and more energy is easy to notice. The improved behavior is more nuanced but obvious. The underlying cause can’t be known. Are they acting better because they simply feel better, or has the detox directly helped the cognitive and neurological function? I believe the latter is an important component. Regardless, the point is that detox and drainage clearly benefits the body even before directly addressing the central problem. And often times with weak individuals it is the only place to start. With stronger individuals (person or pet) detox and drainage can accompany other programs like a sports training program for someone new to holistic approaches.