The most common veterinary problems we consult on and treat are allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, chronic infections, chronic degenerative diseases, behavior problems, and cancer (along with many other conditions).

Malibu Homeopathic Vet Office Space

Join us in our welcoming consultation space in our Malibu office.

Dr. Marc Bittan D.V.M. offers acupuncture, chiropractic, and cold laser therapy along with other holistic and homeopathic approaches. These services will be discussed and evaluated during your initial one-hour visit at our office. Please note we can only see you or your pet with an appointment. To set up your appointment please click here.

In addition to treatments of individual aliments we also provide membership and concierge services that will treat as well as prevent recurring healthcare issues your pet may face. Together, we can design a program utilizing homeopathy and other complementary remedies, that can result in better health for your pets. With our vast stock of holistic remedies we can conveniently supply any remedies that may be required.