Holistic Pharmacy

For 25 years Dr. Bittan has been using a variety of holistic treatments to treat and cure dogs, cats, and sometimes horses. Herbs, homeopathics and whole food nutraceuticals are some of the many safe and effective modalities that he uses. Over those 25 years he has used a foundation of quality, reliable and effective brands, encompassing a wide range of treatment protocols from preventative medicine to holistic oncology treatments and everything in between.

Malibu Holistic Pharmacy

Using those same principles Dr. Bittan has created a holistic pharmacy – for you, along with a veterinary practice – for your pet, which carries the brands and formulas that he has been using successfully and treating medical problems for 25 years. Dr. Bittan uses holistic products made for people in his veterinary practice. With no placebo effect in animals what could be a better test of effectiveness? And as with all time comes growth and change. He has added some formulas and eliminated others, and will continue to do so in the future. Our in stock product offerings come from research and experience, not by a salesman’s sales pitch. By being a practitioner all these years, Dr. Bittan knows how these things work, intellectually – like the pharmacy, but also clinically with thousands and thousands of cases.

In our pharmacy you’ll find brands like Heel, Standard Process, Ron Teeguarden Dragon Herbs, Apex and Seven Forests.

Our supplements will give you a chance to achieve your level of Radiant Health.