Radiant Health again

Radiant health is the idea of Health Beyond Danger. That is, when the entire body is in strong balance and when something attempts to throw the body out of balance, the resilient individual maintains their balance – Radiant Health. Physical, mental, emotional, all in balance.

There are an endless amount of things that can be thrown at us that have potential to throw us out of balance. From the genetics that came with our package which one day decides to ‘change things’, sometimes out of the blue for no apparent reason – one day you wake up with lupus. But something triggered it. Being predisposed does not mean it must happen. If the body has been prepared it may be prevented. It can be defended. Naturally. Another day you are on a hike and this time it’s the tick that is carrying the Lyme disease bacteria. Why is one person bedridden for years while another had the flu for a week even though they were bitten by ticks carrying identical bacteria. One day methane gas starts spewing out in levels that haven’t been seen before and you live 5 miles away. How do you detox from that to maintain your – health beyond danger. Whose personal terrain is weak and whose personal terrain is strong. Some will be resilient and maintain radiant health and others will be ill on many different levels with many different presentations. From asthma to excema, IBD to depression.

Different holistic approaches recognize these challenges and when used seperately or together; all are considering one goal. Strengthen, support, renew, regenerate, achieve resilient homeostasis. Radiant Health. Health beyond danger.