Malibu Vet

Dr. Marc Bittan D.V.M. knew he wanted to be a vet at the age of 8 and in 1987 that dream became a reality. For years, Dr. Marc Bittan D.V.M. brought holistic veterinary care (under the name Holistic Veterinary Healthcare) to his patients in Los Angeles until he moved his practice to nearby Malibu in 2016 and has been providing holistic vet care to Malibu residents and surrounding areas ever since.


Dr. Marc Bittan D.V.M.’s practice has been always focused on natural healing, greater well being, and anti-aging, as well as reversing the processes of degenerative diseases. Various protocols for pets are the same as in human alternative medicine: good nutrition and nutritional supplements are the basis of good health. Therefore we offer a range of in stock human grade homeopathic and herbal remedies and treatments that are beneficial to both humans and pets alike.

Herbs, homeopathic, and its modern tangent, acupuncture, chiropractic, and cold laser therapy make up the majority of Dr. Bittan D.V.M.’s protocols.