After Detox and Drainage – Regeneration

Regeneration is defined as the natural renewal of a cell, tissue, or organ. Life consists of anabolic and catabolic processes. In catabolic processes, cells are destroyed; in anabolic, they are created anew.

Cells are constantly dying in order to keep us alive. The stomach creates a new lining every 5 days. Skin replaces itself every thirty days. Every three months we have a new skeleton. The red blood cells have a life span of 120 days, and then must be replaced. Each of the different tissues of the body has its own natural life cycle.

It is the aim of Regeneration Therapy to stimulate the process of self renewal.

There are various approaches to Regeneration. Homeopathic, glandulars, Herbal, and nutraceuticals, as well as whole food therapy.

One form of homeopathy known as Clinical Bioenergetics describes it this way.

The process of drainage and detox will reduce toxicity in the body, but the organ function may remain weak and susceptible to future physical, emotional, and nutritional stressors. RegenRx remedies are intended to address this issue, for their main purpose is to strengthen the energetically weak organs. This approach is ideally suited to the point in time known as the Plateau Stage.

Homeopathic approach works on the subtle energies that imprints the proper wave energy of true tissue or organ function, while the other approaches add the physical fuel that these organs need.