What is a toxin?

A toxin is any agent ( physical, chemical, microbial,etc. ) that adversely modifies or damages a balanced biological system is considered a ” toxin”. Toxins may enter the body from the external environment (exogenous -also called toxicants or xenobiotics) through the gastrointestinal system by ingestion, the respiratory system by inhalation, and the skin by passive absorption or by injection. Toxins also originate within the body itself ( endogenous toxins ) as byproducts of metabolism under abnormal metabolic conditions. Examples are excess production of some hormones, under production of others. Incomplete metabolic breakdown by compromised organs or tissues. Excess free radical formation or inadequate amounts of antioxidants in the body. Basically when the yin/yang is out of balance endotoxins are sure to form.

Modern medicine is quite successful at diagnosing and treating acute intoxications as medical emergencies and others as subacute causing illness but not life threatening. But subclinical or subtle states of intoxication are not recognized – except for the fact that if that subclinical intoxication causes symtomology it is that symptomolgy which is treated – by suppressive means – but the toxin is not addressed.

That suppressive treatment protocol or modality inevitably adds more toxins to the patient. Both exotoxins and endotoxins. The drugs themselves are the exotoxins. The drugs are not metabolized and excreted out of the body 100 %. They can get bogged down in fat or connective tissue depending on certain properties, and in turn by interfering with those tissues on a cellular level endotoxins are formed as toxic byproducts.

Regardless, all toxins can be addressed holistically through nutrition, Chinese superior tonic herbs, bioenergetics, homotoxicology, along with others in various combination to bring someone back to what their true health is at that point in time, both people and pets, and then begin regeneration, rebuilding and antiaging programs and protocols while understanding that detox and drainage is ongoing simply because of the environment and society in which we live.