What do they mean by that?

“Pay me now, or pay me later. If it’s later; it means you’re ill”

During the red alerts in Beijing it was reported that 1.4 million people die prematurely each year because of the pollution. What does that mean? Those 1.4 million died of conditions like emphysema that can be directly linked to pollution. But there is no way to guess how many years were taken from them and what suffering they went through and what was the huge medical cost treating those chronic, debilitating, degenerative diseases. Because of the intensity of the pollution the causation is clear. They are the canaries in the coal mine. But it still takes a red alert and super high concentrations to take notice and as an aside discuss some statistic

What years are taken from us and what suffering is attributed to the low levels of toxins taken in by us in lower concentrations but with extreme regularity and the medical cost that is attributed to this low level is enormous. We may have come a long way from the times of regular smog alerts but there are literally tons of petrochemicals and pesticides in the air.

However, low levels are not always the story here, it is being reported that in Porter Ranch, Southern California the gas leak of methane is said to be spewing 1,200 TONS into the air EVERY DAY – EVERY DAY. Southern Cal Gas has admitted knowing about leaks on a smaller level for years. And repairs that were promised never took place. This leak is massive and not expected to be corrected by capping the leak for another 3 months as of the writing.

Chinese licorice is known as the great detoxifier.