The Problem: Toxicity

Low level toxicity from many sources can be very difficult – if not impossible – to detect. Yet the combined actions of these toxins creates a ” toxic cocktail” effect which can seriously weaken the body and mind, making them even more susceptible to disease and stress. The symptoms of such exposures are usually not correlated to the presence of toxins. In fact, conventional medicine testing often does not have an explanation for the symptoms, hence the frequent diagnosis of “psychosomatic” maladies. The symptoms of toxicity may take years to manifest after initial exposure, making it extremely difficult to correlate the toxins with the symptoms.

Quite often, laboratory tests will not indicate the presence of toxins in the body, but symptoms will persist, occurring rarely, sporadically, frequently, or on a daily basis. Ignoring them or failing to detoxify the body can eventually lead to chronic systemic toxicity, which ultimately results in damage to internal organs or tissues. Such patients are ideal candidates to undergo a detoxification regimen, as indicated by their rapid relief from chronic complaints. Many may start to feel significantly better within a few weeks of beginning to detoxify.

Some are more susceptible to toxins than others. Their reaction to the toxicity of a given substance depends on a number of factors, including the amount to which they are exposed, frequency of exposure, the state of their elimination and filtering organs, and how tolerant they are to the substance. One’s tolerance and susceptibility, in turn, can be influenced by their current overall state of health, and possible inherited constitutional weakness.

Some of the more common symptoms of toxicity include: fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, general restlessness or irritability, rashes, nausea, joint aches, ringing in the ears, swollen glands, hormonal imbalances, sudden hair loss, and overall system degeneration, i.e., premature aging and disease.

The distinct steps must be taken to enjoy good health in the future.

1) Reduce our susceptibility to toxins.
2) Detoxify the body.
3) Reduce or prevent future exposure.