“Happy, healthy, wealthy, wise & lucky”

An excerpt from Ron Teeguarden’s book “The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs” (buy it)

The Attitude Of Radiant Health

‘One of the great secrets of a long, satisfying, and happy life, according to Eastern wisdom, is to focus on health instead of disease. This is the psychological basis of the art of radiant health. Develop the attitude of radiant health, and radiant health can be obtained surprisingly easily. Once we have trained ourselves to focus on the attainment and maintenance of radiant health, and have acquired the tools for accomplishing our goal, the functions of the mind, body, and spirit can flourish. Once we have achieved a state of radiant health, the bodily functions cannot easily fall into disharmony, disease cannot readily arise, and, from the perspective of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we are beyond most dangers.

Radiant health is attainable by most who have not already severely damaged themselves through abuse and wrong living. It is also attainable by many who have severely damaged themselves but have the will to regain true health.’

Chinese medicine looks at psychological cause of disease using terms as ‘disturbed shen’ – spirit, ‘heart fire’, ‘liver yang rising’, ‘liver chi stagnation’, all represent emotional pictures. So along with flower remedies Chinese herbs are helpful and in fact powerful in healing bodily damage due to emotional disharmonies.

Mental and Emotional Toxins

“The function of fear is to warn us of danger, not to make us afraid to face it”.

“‘Anger’ is just one letter short of danger”.

Recent evidence has shown that the mind of a person is capable of promoting changes in electromagnetic frequency and polarity in various parts of the body. Tests with bio energetic response methods have proven that negative thoughts and emotions can act as toxic frequencies capable of interfering with the natural bio energetic performance of the person. It can then be understood why the mind can induce degeneration or autoimmune reactions and other serious diseases. In the majority of patients, the influence of the mind may in fact be the true cause of susceptibility and toxicity in the body. (Find research by Candace Pert – NIH)

The relationship between mental thought patterns, electromagnetic frequencies, and organ and cell function is becoming increasingly clear. In some cases, a patient’s negative mind-set can undermine any therapy the practitioner employs. In such circumstances, the best practitioner can hope to achieve is to reduce the physical toxic load that has already built up, and recommend that the patient exercise mental cleansing of disease-forming thoughts and beliefs or seek professional help and counseling. If these patients fail to heal mentally and emotionally in their hearts, it will not be long before they return again to a condition of serious physical toxicity and disease. In this context, the correlation between the mind and body is very strong, as a person who cannot forgive and let go of angers or hurts will also have difficulty letting go of toxins.

Flower essences are derivatives of the subtle nature of flowers. This part of the plant, according to the Doctrines of Signatures (a Naturopathic doctrine) addresses symptoms related to the mental/emotional aspects of one’s being. Each flower essence relates to a certain nature of our consciousness. Flower essences work on a more subtle level than homeopathic remedies, which act more directly on the physical symptoms of disease. Many people report an immediate subtle shift in their outlook, as well as a long-term response.

The effects of flower essences were first discovered in 1934 by an English physician and homeopath, Edward Bach. Since then, hundreds of new essences with properties similar to the original 38 Bach flowers have been discovered. Flower essences are highly effective and safe to use. The effects of flower essences include changes in attitude, renewed motivation, enhanced personal growth, and improved expression. However, they cannot substitute for a true change of heart and attitude, which occurs by personal choice and belief.

Suppression vs Expression of Symptoms

“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year”

For any therapy to be curative, it must not suppress the symptoms of the disease. Symptoms are the body’s way of conveying the message that something needs to be corrected. They represented the body’s reaction to the underlying disturbance.

Far more important than eliminating symptoms is discovering why the body has been unable to effectively defend itself against foreign invaders. What underlying factors may be creating suseptibility? It could be energetic, electromagnetic, or geographic stress from the environment, or mental/emotional tensions and anxieties, etc.

The role of psychological stress in function(and malfunction) of the immune system is becoming increasingly well documented. When the underlying cause of a disease is mental, all therapies which do not address this cause will ultimately be suppressive or only partially effective. This applies to all types of illness. If those factors which are interfering with health and creating susceptibility are not removed, the therapy will only be symptomatic. Such relief tends to be temporary, as an underlying cause remains in place. Flower essence combinations, Bach flowers, homeopathics, European and Chinese herbs can address the psychoenergetic blockages and disease-forming beliefs which can be the underlying causes.

When multiple disorders have been treated suppressively, they tend to accumulate, and the body will eventually manifest disturbances on the constitutional level. These in turn can be transferred and inherited by that person’s children as miasms: suppressed toxic information and interferences that were passed from parents which may create constitutional disturbances in our own lifetime, or our children’s. Thus it is vitally important that we avoid suppressive therapies and strive to discover and treat the underlying causes of illness.


Expressive therapy is when the body successfully expresses and removes the underlying disturbances. This may be accomplished by detoxification: removing external toxins, stimulating the body’s own neutralizing and cleansing processes to eliminate the interferences, and addressing underlying susceptibility factors.

The toxins in the cells, tissues, and organs are gently released homeopathically from where they have become stored over time, while the elimination channels of the kidneys, liver, and the intestines are stimulated to neutralize and remove from the body. When combined with therapies which address mental/emotional issues, the contributing causes can be expressed and removed for deeper, longer-lasting results.


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein

Homotoxicology is based on the intergration of basic medical science with the principles of homeopathic medicine. It represents a unique intellectual synthesis between the concepts of molecular biology, biochemistry, toxicology, and pathophysiology, resulting in non-toxic biological therapy. Biological medicine has been defined as “the art and science of healing in which the therapeutic measures are oriented to the unique life stresses and the healing methods are designed for the capability of the individual patient to regulate, regenerate, adapt, and self heal.” Biological medicine seems to have emerged as the consensus term to describe this advanced form of primary care medical practice in European countries. The terms “integrative medicine” or “complimentary medicine” seems to be the preferred term in the United States.

DISEASE, HEALTH AND CURE are defined in homotoxicology as follows: Diseases are the expression of the biologically appropriate defense against exogenous and endogenous homotoxins (humoral phases: excretion phase, reaction phase, deposition phases), or, they are an attempt to compensate for the harmful affects of toxins (cellular phases: impregnation phases, degeneration phases, and neoplasm phases).

Health means freedom from homotoxins and the elimination of homotoxin damage.

To win back the ideal condition lost through the most varied effects of homotoxins (damage due to the environment and civilization, retoxication through retoxic therapy, etc.) is the basic idea of Homotoxicology, the aim of which is detoxification and removal of the harmful effects of toxins.

What do they mean by that?

“Pay me now, or pay me later. If it’s later; it means you’re ill”

During the red alerts in Beijing it was reported that 1.4 million people die prematurely each year because of the pollution. What does that mean? Those 1.4 million died of conditions like emphysema that can be directly linked to pollution. But there is no way to guess how many years were taken from them and what suffering they went through and what was the huge medical cost treating those chronic, debilitating, degenerative diseases. Because of the intensity of the pollution the causation is clear. They are the canaries in the coal mine. But it still takes a red alert and super high concentrations to take notice and as an aside discuss some statistic

What years are taken from us and what suffering is attributed to the low levels of toxins taken in by us in lower concentrations but with extreme regularity and the medical cost that is attributed to this low level is enormous. We may have come a long way from the times of regular smog alerts but there are literally tons of petrochemicals and pesticides in the air.

However, low levels are not always the story here, it is being reported that in Porter Ranch, Southern California the gas leak of methane is said to be spewing 1,200 TONS into the air EVERY DAY – EVERY DAY. Southern Cal Gas has admitted knowing about leaks on a smaller level for years. And repairs that were promised never took place. This leak is massive and not expected to be corrected by capping the leak for another 3 months as of the writing.

Chinese licorice is known as the great detoxifier.

Where to start?

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with taking the first step”

Start by adding something. And the easiest thing to add is something nutritional. Pick one fruit that hasn’t been part of the diet and add it to the diet daily. You and your pets. NO GRAPES FOR PETS. It’s better to do something than nothing. Don’t try to start with a full diet revolution. The other way to go is to add a supplement like an Omega 3 for example. At the beginning we are simply thinking about doing something positive. By doing that one thing you will be adding natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, etc. then the next step might be to eliminate something that is not so good.


Cooling in nature, reduces heat , produces fluids for the body in general, but particularly to moisten dryness and cool heat in the lungs. Contains pectin, which removes cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and Mercury, and residues of radiation. Apples and their juice are also cleansing and beneficial for the liver and the gallbladder.

Where are they?

Chemical compounds, which comprise the bulk of the environmental toxins, are currently spread all over the world, even if the chemical was not used in that area. This is due to spread by the ground water, surface rain and winds. And sometimes right in front of your face with the chemicals from the plastic bottle being leached out into your drinking water.

Bioaccumulation of these compounds cause disease in living beings, and in humans, the immune system, the endocrine system and neurological system is the most affected.

The effects of toxins are documented in a number of diseases, ranging from asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers and cognitive deficit.

Consider This

That we have been talking about toxins you need to take a step back and think about what we do to our pets. Month after month families purposely put toxins in and on their best friends. I guess you could say in perpetuity. Flea treatment. The advice is often 12 months of the year. There are only 12 months in a year. So the recommendation being made is forever. 12,24,36,48 months and on and on. Forever. The companies that produce the products are the one and the same that do the safety trials. The products themselves state – relatively non toxic. “Relatively”. And they are talking in terms of the average recognition of what toxic means to the general public reading the packaging. But relatively non toxic. So yes they can point to the fact that most cats and dogs are not keeling over and dying on the spot. And no one can definitively point the finger as the specific cause of all the chronic degenerative diseases including cancer that our pets face. But when we are putting one of those topical flea products on our pet and while reading the warning that it shouldn’t touch our skin you just have to consider things.

We need detox for a whole slew of reasons not forgetting simply how many years we’ve already been around given all the time for toxins to accumulate. For our pets it’s not the years, but the amount of things we do to them. When was the last time you got a vaccine, or a flea bath, or a cortisone shot and antibiotics, maybe along with a cough suppressant, possibly a behavioral med for some, a daily Rimadyl for others, forget about anyone getting chemotherapy person or pet.

For some it will be a chronic malaise – person or pet. For others it will be like a volcano building when people wonder how something so devastating like a runaway cancer seems to hit overnight. Petting their dog the night before, A O K, and the next morning every lymph node is the size of a plum. And low and behold just like that it’s diagnosed as high grade lymphoma. What? Yup, just like that.

There is obviously a genetic component to disease and an individual’s likely hood of developing a particular disease. There is also a genetic component how particular toxins affect certain individuals. And therefore the differences in likely hood whether a significant problem will develop and will it be chronic in nature or acute and devastating.

Toxins will damage health one way or another. To achieve quality of life fewer toxins is one goal – fewer vaccines, fewer flea treatments, etc, and getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated is the other goal.

What is a toxin?

A toxin is any agent ( physical, chemical, microbial,etc. ) that adversely modifies or damages a balanced biological system is considered a ” toxin”. Toxins may enter the body from the external environment (exogenous -also called toxicants or xenobiotics) through the gastrointestinal system by ingestion, the respiratory system by inhalation, and the skin by passive absorption or by injection. Toxins also originate within the body itself ( endogenous toxins ) as byproducts of metabolism under abnormal metabolic conditions. Examples are excess production of some hormones, under production of others. Incomplete metabolic breakdown by compromised organs or tissues. Excess free radical formation or inadequate amounts of antioxidants in the body. Basically when the yin/yang is out of balance endotoxins are sure to form.

Modern medicine is quite successful at diagnosing and treating acute intoxications as medical emergencies and others as subacute causing illness but not life threatening. But subclinical or subtle states of intoxication are not recognized – except for the fact that if that subclinical intoxication causes symtomology it is that symptomolgy which is treated – by suppressive means – but the toxin is not addressed.

That suppressive treatment protocol or modality inevitably adds more toxins to the patient. Both exotoxins and endotoxins. The drugs themselves are the exotoxins. The drugs are not metabolized and excreted out of the body 100 %. They can get bogged down in fat or connective tissue depending on certain properties, and in turn by interfering with those tissues on a cellular level endotoxins are formed as toxic byproducts.

Regardless, all toxins can be addressed holistically through nutrition, Chinese superior tonic herbs, bioenergetics, homotoxicology, along with others in various combination to bring someone back to what their true health is at that point in time, both people and pets, and then begin regeneration, rebuilding and antiaging programs and protocols while understanding that detox and drainage is ongoing simply because of the environment and society in which we live.